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Meet the Wysidio Team: Kevin Woods

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Meet the Wysidio Team: Kevin Woods

Each week, we’re going to introduce you to a member of the Wysidio team to learn a bit more about our expertise and why we love working with and for music industry professionals.

Kevin Woods wysidio

Kevin Woods serves as the CEO for Wysidio. Kevin has always had a passion for music and the music industry, being a musician himself for about 14 years. He quickly found his calling by mixing his passion for music with his entrepreneural acumen and great business sense.

Kevin also cofounded Inside Out Presents, a hybrid promotions, production and management company in 2011. Since then, Kevin has built up a solid repertoire of organizing, planning and create successful brand and artist experiences. He became a partner in Euphoria Music Festival in 2013, before quickly being promoted to the wildly successful festival’s National Marketing Director position. Additionally, he works as a booking agent with Inside Out Present’s four rapidly growing acts: Blunt Force, Ryan Viser, Tnertle and Rastasaurus, who have landed national and international festival spots.

Kevin cofounded Wysidio after noticing the lack of affordable, experienced and trustworthy resources for music industry professionals to help them accomplish their goals. Along with Clay and Tony, the trio became enamored by the idea of offering one-off or a scale of personalized services to music industry professionals who already had 90% of the puzzle in place themselves. And thus Wysidio was born!

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