Services for Music Professionals



Artist Services

Fan Retention

It can be hard to manage retaining and engaging your current fans while also expanding your growing fanbase. We can help you utilize data to create a clear path to growth.


``Build and they will come`` doesn't work always in this current oversaturated market. Focus on your creating quality music and let us handle getting it into the right ears.


Are you still working a job that is getting in the way of you creating and performing? “Starving artist” is a phase, not a lifestyle. Let’s create a plan on how we can make performing and creating your 9 to 5.

Branding Services

Creating your own authentic brand is what will set you apart, but deciding who you are can be harder than it looks.

Graphic Design

The Wysidio graphic design team can work with your budget to create custom logos, posters, social media graphics and album art that fits your unique brand.


We can design and source hats, shirts, pins, stickers or any other type of unique merchandise that stands out and can create a revenue stream.


Your website is often your first impression with fans and talent buyers. Wysidio works with you and your budget to design an aesthetic, functional and professional website that you will be proud to share.


Your press kit is your small business sales tool. We create clean and interactive press kits that tell your story.

Media Services

It’s not enough in today’s music industry to be heard; you must also be seen. Wysidio taps our international pool of content creators to make sure your growth and success is portrayed well.


Wysidio uses a pool of professional photographers to source press photos or to cover your next show.


Wysidio uses some of the best videographers in the nation for your next music video, live show or marketing campaign.


After reviewing your history and values, our skilled writers can develop a bio that can be used across mediums.


We have a range of PR campaign options, from simply drafting you a press release to a full album and video release campaign.

Marketing Services

Marketing is what creates a relationship between you and your fans. Graphics, promotion, and content strategy all works in tandem to create a full fan experience. Our team of marketing experts will drive traffic to your website, social networks and live events, so all you have to focus on is performing.

Tour Promotion & Street Teams

We have activated teams in over 50 markets nationwide. Wysidio can manage physical (posters, flyers) and social media campaigns for each tour stop and maximize your marketing dollars.

Ad Design & Campaign Management

Advertising is essential for reaching fans that exist outside of your current network. DIY tools do exist for getting a quick campaign up and running but without a professional you’re wasting money and losing opportunity.


If you search for “top [your genre] artist in [your city]” does your music show up? If not, you need a search marketing strategy to connect with fans looking for you.

Content Strategy

Wysidio can help you come up with a strategy and the content to power it that connects your audience to your brand.

Consulting Services

With the ever-changing music business tools, techniques and methodologies, it’s hard to stay aware of potential opportunities. If you’re not sure of your next step, check out our consulting services.

Financial Consulting

Your music is your business. Wysidio can provide advice for startup artists, or work with existing artists to create new revenue streams and increase profits.

Branding Consulting

Your unique brand is how your fans can tell you from the rest of the herd. Does it communicate the same message as your music? Let Wysidio help you break out of the field with a professional branding strategy.

Data Analysis & Reporting

From Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, Spotify playlist ads to Soundcloud plays, you have gigabytes of data being produced weekly. Our data team can collect, organize, analyze and transform this data into actionable insights.