Services for Music Professionals



Fan Retention

Your top priority should be to retain and engage your current fans. While this might have been exciting and entertaining at the beginning of your career, as your fan base expands this task can become arduous and tedious.


``Build and they will come`` as a strategy to focus on quality doesn't work always in this current noise-filled media. However, you should be able to only focus on your music quality and let us handle getting it into the right ears.


Are you still working a job that is getting in the way of you creating and performing? Starving artist is a phase not a lifestyle. Work with us to create a plan on how we can make performing and creating your 9 to 5.<br />

Venue Branding

Your unique brand is how your patrons recognize you apart from the rest of the venues and clubs in your area. Does it communicate the same creative and professional message as the music and atmosphere you are trying to provide?

Graphic Design

The Wysdio graphic design team can work with your budget to create custom logos, posters, social media graphics, banners, and promotional materials.


Wysidio can design and source hats, shirts, pins, stickers or any other type of merchandise that your fans may want.


Your website is often your first impression with fans and touring acts. Wysidio works with you and your budget to design an aesthetic, functional and professional websites that you will be proud to share. We can also update and optimize your current website if you just need a touch-up.


Let the Wysidio team manage your social networks and grow engagement with the demographics you are trying to attract.


Marketing is the communication strategy between you and your fans. Your venue has the best acts in town every weekend – make sure everyone knows it! Let our team of marketing experts drive traffic to your website, social networks and live events.

Street Team

We have activate teams in over 50 markets nationwide. Wysdio can provide physical (posters, flyers) and social media campaigns for an individual show, or work out monthly/annual campaigns to maximize your venue’s marketing dollars.

Ad Campaign Mangement

Advertisement is essential for reaching patrons that exist outside of your current network. DIY tools do exist for getting a quick campaign up and running but without a professional you’re wasting money and losing opportunity.


If you search for “top live music venues in [your city]” does your venue show up? If not, you need a search marketing strategy to connect with fans looking for you.