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Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your PR Strategy

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Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your PR Strategy

People oftentimes think that they have to do it all in order to be successful. Do it all, know it all, be it all…but this approach is not always the best use of one’s time or talent.


This situation particularly applies to artists and musicians who feel they have to be responsible for creating their own music while also managing all of their own self-promotional efforts at the same time. The “I’ve got to do it all” mentality is the driving force and psychological fuel for many up-and-coming musicians, but hiring a public relations specialist is a wise move for any serious artist that wants to take their career to the next level.


Simply put, this is one area where it’s best to leave it to the professionals to do their jobs. Musicians need to be completely focused on expanding their musical talents and networks without having to sacrifice time they could be spending on creative development time for personal branding and marketing. The marketing industry is constantly expanding, evolving and creating new specialties and experts of niche marketing each day, and it’s hard for a developing artist to keep their expertise up to par.


Another reason why hiring a PR specialist is crucial to amplifying your career is because exposure is essential. Having a strong social media presence is a great start, but takes much more time and effort on your end to come up with the same value of earned media. Public relations specialists can leverage their existing relationships with media outlets and blogs to take your existing content to a level you are unlikely to reach on your own, as well as ensure your story is told in an on-brand manner.


An artist’s time is best spent creating music, not spamming press with individaully crafted emails, searching for opportunities for submissions or trying to network with writers, editors and bloggers. Wysidio now offers ad hoc PR plans for your upcoming album, video release or other big career moments — contact us below to learn more.

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