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Meet the Wysidio Team: Tony Stewart

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Tony Stewart Wysidio

Meet the Wysidio Team: Tony Stewart

Each week, we’re going to introduce you to a member of the Wysidio team to learn a bit more about our expertise and why we love working with and for music industry professionals.

Tony Stewart Wysidio Tony Stewart is Wysidio’s Chief Technology Officer and based out of Dallas, TX. He transforms big ideas into reality via the development and management of Wysidio’s product portfolio. He leads the client-facing projects that fall under the technical services umbrella and consults clients how to leverage technology to improve their operations and marketing efforts.

Tony believes the combined forces of online behavioral data, social media and streaming services provide a ton of new opportunities for professionals in the music industry. Algorithms can detect patterns to connect musicians with potential fans across a global market. Data flowing from streaming services provides event producers with new insights that can remove uncertainty and risk in booking lineups. Predictive analytics can aggregate drinking habits of regular patrons and estimate consumption. Like Prometheus, Tony wants to bring this technology to musicians, events and venues of all sizes.

Tony Stewart’s first paid gig in the music industry was managing the website & social media accounts for a hospitality company that owned two restaurants & live music venues. Since that time, he’s worked on projects in various industries as a developer, marketing technologist and a consultant. Recently, Tony has shifted his focus to building apps and products as solutions for all types of clients, including the Texas Association of School Boards, TruEnergy, and Ernest Health, but his true passion is music. *Tony is not an actual cartoon.*

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