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Meet the Wysidio Team: Clay Young

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Meet the Wysidio Team: Clay Young

Each week, we’re going to introduce you to a member of the Wysidio team to learn a bit more about our expertise and why we love working with and for music industry professionals.

Clayton Cole Young Wysidio

Clayton Young is the Chief Creative Officer for Wysidio and currently lives in Fayetteville, AR. As CCO, Clay’s primary responsibility is to shape the overall business culture of Wysidio, which guides and influences our relationships with our own employees, our clients and the music community.

Clay believes establishing and implementing a strategic business culture is key to creating a successful, sustainable company. Internally, Wysidio’s culture aims to maintain a highly creative and driven employee force to conquer new problems within the music industry. Externally, our business culture was created with the idea in mind that Wysidio values people and planet over profits, and is respectful and equitable in every project we carry out for every person involved or affected.

Clay brings a wide range of experience in music event operations to his role at Wysidio, including marketing, site logistics, creative operations and sustainability efforts. Clay currently actively works with Euphoria, Backwoods, UpNorth and Day for Night music festivals.

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