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Industry Insights: Dae Bogan

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Dae Bogan TuneRegistry

Industry Insights: Dae Bogan

“Industry Insights” is a recurring feature on Wysidio’s blog highlighting music industry professionals and sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Musicians often face challenges with getting paid properly for their work, especially when they’re just starting out.

Dae Bogan is an entrepreneur with many areas of interest and expertise in the music industry, but currently serves as CEO and co-founder of TuneRegistry, helping musicians and rights owners protect their works and receive what they are owed.

He moved to Los Angeles 13 years ago as an aspiring artist, but slowly became interested in the business side of music as he became the go-to person in his social circle for finding opportunities and making connections. While studying at UCLA, he started his first businesses in management and event promotion and production, and has undertaken many entrepreneurial ventures since then.

He became interested in the music tech space organically, as he began to notice the perpetual challenges musicians and rights owners face when it comes to managing their music and catalog and properly registered their work to receive what they’re due. Thus, the idea behind his current venture, TuneRegistry, was born.

TuneRegistry is an online music rights and metadata platform with two key functionalities. Music creators can organize and store music metadata for their work, including who contributed to each song, recording session and release information, what distributors were involved, etc., adding up to over 100 different data points collected all in one place. Musicians and rights owners can also keep other important documents and contacts here to streamline their organization process.

Additionally, TuneRegistry works with the many various music rights, publishing and licensing organizations, such as BMI and ASCAP, to standardize the music registration process. Normally, the registration process is very segmented and you have to register with each of these organizations individually, as they don’t share information with each other or have a standard format. TuneRegistry has one standardized process built in so that musicians can be sure their music is registered everywhere it needs to be, and it’s a much simpler process than manual registration.

“A lot of musicians overlook the fact that their music is monetized and that money goes through third party hands before their’s,” Bogan said. “When musicians are not on top of making sure they register with music rights and royalty organizations, they’re leaving money on the table. There are so many entities involved, musicians tend to go with and prioritize what they’re familiar with, like ASCAP, but they don’t realize that there’s different types of royalty streams for different components or uses of their music. This is the biggest oversight I often see with musicians when it comes to registering their music.”

In addition to TuneRegistry, Bogan teaches courses at UCLA and other California-based universities on music business and entrepreneurship. He also serves as a mentor and advisor for a variety of music tech startups. One such startup that musicians working on building their following may be interested in is called ethr Music. It’s a new app that enables you to broadcast the music you’re listening to to your followers, so they can listen along with you.

“It builds a new type of experience,” Bogan said. “Things like Instagram and Snapchat allow you to experience an artist’s environment, but this is a cool way to bring fans even further into their world.”

Learn more about Bogan on his website or visit TuneRegistry to sign up for his registration service.


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